A Day of Stewf

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Y'all know it's that time of the year again! All hail the Original Typographicalist, the Fontalicious Identifier, the Feeder of Fonts, the Referencer of The Cross! Testify!

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Hey, Happy Stewfday, SColes! Remember when your day used to fall during TypeCon? Maybe we'll just have to reprise in a few weeks.

-- K.

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Thanks for your many contributions to the type world. Have fun on your birthday!

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> Remember when your day used to fall during TypeCon?

Word! Then at least I was able to attend. :^/

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feliz cumpleaños!

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Grattis pŒ fšdelsedagen herr stewf!

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Have a Stewfendous Birthday!


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What? Another one?

How can you stay timeless if you keep advancing chronologically?

Cheers, regardless.

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Have a great Birthday, Stewf!
Has AARP contacted you yet?

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Happy Happy!


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Nice One Chris.

Happy Birthday To You Stewf!

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Happy Birthday Stewfboy! :-)

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Multiplicitous Mirthful Moments on this Felicitous Festival of Fontasmic Folly! A Garrulous Greeting of Gargantuan Glee! Turgid Testimonials of Tempestuous Tantalization! May your cup spilleth repeatedly in the limousine of life.

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May you find many a Malurus cyaneus on this your day of birth! All of my best to you.

Couldn't resist using Blaktur cranked up to 11 (all features activated!)

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Happy birthday Stewfers. No online graphic gifts, but something special when I see you this evening. Interesting how nobody mentions your actual age. Your eternal youth confuses.

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If we weren't having German this evening, I'd buy you a mojito. However, you may have to settle for a boot full of pilsner - can you handle it?

Best wishes, and welcome to the wonderful world of being 30.

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Happy birthday Stewf!

(But remember, even though it seems like you're aging quickly, you aren't going to be able to catch me!)



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I am overwhelmed by your creative wishes and Zara's ability to place such an ugly mug on such a beautiful card. I'm beginning to think my image is too easily found on the webs.

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You should see my cafepress store, entitled, "Hammered Stewf"!! We'll all be in your room on Friday night wearing tees, caps and maybe a few thongs with your picture on them. HBD!

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Happy birthday to the best Stevie in the world. You are beloved by millions, but your partner in Interrobang crime is the one most awestruck by your sheer glory and awesomeness.

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Happy Birthday! There's a fish with you name on it waiting in Seattle.

Cheers, Si

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I’m beginning to think my image is too easily found on the webs.

Well, at least "A Day of Stewf" isn't a webcast Typographicam 24 hrs of sex and drugs and font pimpin'!

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Happy Birthday, Stewf!


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All the best, Stephen!

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Happy birthday!

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> You should see my cafepress store, entitled, “Hammered Stewf”!! We’ll all be in your room on Friday night wearing tees, caps and maybe a few thongs with your picture on them.

Great, Carl. Typophile can add them to their collection.


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Ooh! I can still get in before midnight...

Happy birthday, Stephen!

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Damn, I missed midnight! Happy slightly belated birthday to a still-young Stewf. Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge and for your forbearance with my endless typogaffes.

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>Damn, I missed midnight!

Surely people have 'til midnight PST?

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sii, you're absolutely right! (Phew.)

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Happy Birthdaaay, Stewf.
(All the best, you busy type bee. ;) I guess you may probably be the most present Typophile on the web, ever.)


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Happy birthday, Stewf! Looking forward to belated partying in Seattle...

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I hope it was great (and still is). ;^)


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Felicidades Señor Coles !

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Happy Birthday, Stewf!

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Hope it was happy! (and you got a bit of a break from all your other responsibilities) cheers!

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Late again, happy birthday.


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Happy birthday... Sorry I'm late on the greet, I'm used to wishing you long life at Typecon!

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happy birthday, mon frere.

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damn, that's some horrible linespacing. sorry about that!

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How dare you strike a Brigadier!?

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Nice greetings for a nice guy.
Pásalo muy la raja en tu cumple Stewf, saludos desde el fin del Mundo!

Miguel Hernández

Latinotype. The latin alphabet, on latino hands.

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Happy B-Day Stewf!!

Potent stuff this thread - after reading it, it inspired me to hurry over to my grand piano and compose a snappy little ditty in sort of a flapper style.

I think I'm losin' it... I need a beer.


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I guess that means snappy-flappin makes you get hoppin' :-)


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Happy birthday Stephen!

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I tried searching, but can't find a reference to the origin of how Stephen morphed into "Stewf". Is there a story?

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I think that only Stewf, Stoof, Stüf should answer this question. There is an answer.

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I knew him as Stewf before I knew him as Stephen. And before that I knew him as Scoles, which really confused me for a while.

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