Trying to understand Fontlab bezier editing

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Here is a problem I keep running into. I try to move a bezier handle, either manually or using arrow keys, and the handle on the opposite side of the node is affected. Here is an example:

On the left, I have selected the bezier handle. The result is on the right. I doesn't matter which direction I move it, I get the same result. I would love to find out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Set the node from "smooth" to "sharp" first.


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Thanks very much Ralf!

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I like to see what type of nodes I have. You can change in the preferences so that the nodes have different colors (and also be bigger if you like) – and eventually you will learn which colors do what.

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Btw, you can change the type of a node by double-clicking on it.

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What are the keyboard shortcuts to change selected node(s) to the different node types?
Which menus are these commands in?

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I tried your double-clicking short cut but it doesn't seem to work on the Mac, is it just a PC thing.


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Double clicking works on the mac as well. You may have 2 nodes in close proximity and be choosing the wrong one. also, control click brings up the contextual menu.


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>You may have 2 nodes in close proximity and be choosing the wrong one

You can detect if you have one node on top of another or almost on top by clicking, and then moving the node eg ten units (shift + arrow). The two will then separate, and you can delete one. Also look out if your node is a start point, as it can limit what you do. You can always change the start point (from the contextual menu) if you are having trouble.

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I'm learning a lot today. Thanks for all the replies.

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