For Sale: (Cheaper)Typo books

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Grid Systems - Kimberly Elam (Paperback) very good

Thinking With Type - Ellen Lupton (Paperback) good+very good

Stop Stealing Sheep and Find out How Type Works - Erik Spiekermann and E.M. Ginger (paperback) shows some age, everything intact, only minor flaws

Revival of the Fittest - Philip Meggs + Roy McKelvey ( Hardcover ) good + dirt on dj, likely cleanable.


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Eric, you should add "for sale" to your subject line. :-)

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Thanks. Minor error. lol

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FWIW, Revival of the Fittest can often sell for over $100 on its own...

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True; I believe it's out of print.

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I was just taking an air-conditioner break at Borders Books, and saw another nice one by Kimberly Elam called Typographic Systems. A lot of very nice fontplaying going on in there. I will probably buy that one.

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Thank you all for participating, the auction is closed.

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