New face: Need your feedback.

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Hello Typophiles,

Here is a new italic typeface am designing right now. Please give your valuable feedback on the design. Am working on the capitals and the other characters. I will post them soon for the feedback.

Also, please don't mind the spacing for now as they all were set individually in the Illustrator.

thank you so much.


For_Feedback.pdf687.02 KB
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Quite nice.

The small horizontal in the q is without reason and will probably make most people think it's a sort of G.

To see no break in the s is a bit surprising.

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Kevin, thanks for the comments.

I tried cutting the “s” but then it was looking so weired to me.
though i will try something again. And ya, that horizontal bar in the “q” is for nothing, i will remove that.

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I'd also break the "h", change the "k" because it doesn't really look like it's broken, same goes for "m" and change the "z" to a less round one.

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Hey Robert,
Thanks, I'll post an updates version very soon.

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