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This is my not-quite-first typeface. I'd like to hear the views by some more seasoned type designers. I'm more concerned with the letterforms, as I haven't put a huge amount of time into spacing yet, but feel free to comment on any aspect.

EDIT (text-sample.pdf): Changed shapes of efgrstuxzK and Eth. Fixed grave direction. Spaced lower- and uppercase. Haven't done kerning yet.

satinwood-sample.pdf35.8 KB
text-sample.pdf65.55 KB
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Did I do something wrong? Or does nobody like it enough to comment? Or does everybody love it so much that they're speechless?

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I downloaded the PDF when you first posted it, then got distracted and didn't follow up. I like it in general. A Goudy-like feel.

A few random, non-exhaustive thoughts:

LC e is perhaps a bit too closed
LC f needs a stronger crossbar
LC g is too noose-like. As Gary Munch keeps telling me: "Think of the bowl as if the counter were to be a soft triangular form." The upshot: raise the right side of the lower bowl.
LC r is a bit too wide
LC s and c don't show the same angle of movement. The s is too upright.
LC u us perhaps a bit too wide
LC x may be too wide, depending on your final spacing

UC K (and perhaps also lc) has the leg too low and droopy.

Curly braces are too shy.

The cross bar in the 4 being warped just doesn't work for me.

What is the D with the tilde?

The grave accent isn't right. Check your curve's direction.

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Thank you. I'll look at all of those.

The D-tilde is supposed to be an Eth. Does it not work?

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The Eth has a straight crossbar. See for example Gunnlaugur SE Briem's discussion of this.

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I know what a standard Eth looks like (Gunnlaugur SE Briem’s articles and experiment taught me much of what I know). I see my sample did not include my hyphen, but it also has that wobble in it. If it is ugly or hard to read, please say, but I rather like it.

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If your hyphen is a tilde, there may be other problems. For example, how would you represent

I don't think the Eth is ugly, but it is very unstandard, and thus will draw more attention to itself than need be.

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While I don't think I'd set a URL in this face (in fact, I explicitly considered URLs when I did then hyphen), I guess someone else probably would.

I've taken another look at it, and I've decided I prefer a plainer hyphen anyway.

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I've posted a new PDF, showing an improved version in a text setting.

Please comment and (especially) critique.

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I really like this. It has this quirky, old-fashioned look about it. Warm and inviting.

I'm no expert, but the crossbar on the lowercase 'e' looks a little too slanty to my eyes, and the lowercase 'g' looks... too conventional? It doesn't seem as playful as is could be, given the rest of the letters.

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