FM104 logo

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I've been told the font is "swift + infinty". Does anyone know where I can download it? (Preferably for free?!!!) Just the "FM104 part!


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their called 'web designers' who were hired to make the logo or who threw it in while designing the site cause it looked cooler, unaware of branding system you can usually hear them over the phones asking: camera what?...

I'm guessing that's what happened here...the site is 'under construction' the logo is rather large, rather vector and the tell tale url taglined on the bottom.

I'd ask the web-designer for their eps files

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Why don't you open illustrator and re-draw it???

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Ugg. That's never ideal unless you're running it
on newsprint or silkscreen maybe (where
reproduction is less critical). (Not that this one
would be excessively hard to trace.)

What's up with design firms do not supply their
clients with digital or even camera-ready logos?

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