Blackletter Type Suggestions for Branding

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Hi all. I'm currently in the process of branding a company (Loa Creative) and wanted to get a few suggestions on a nice, strong blackletter face that has that "feel". I've been looking at a few 19th Century medicine labels (friend is a fanatical collector of them) and noticed that A LOT of them promoted themselves via blackletter faces. I was looking for a face that encompassed something archaic, but still familiar. I'm not particularly looking for legibilty, as it will be used in conjuction with symbols used in the vodoun religion (hense the name Loa). Any suggestions?? Thanks!

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Fakir is good. FF Brokenscript is also simple enough that it avoids the legibility issues with other blacketters in the modern world.

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Darka, which you can see here with links, is wild and mysterious--seems like just the ticket.

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i think Tiptoe has the feel of black letter, even though it's not a black letter.

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I really like Darka Will, but I want to stay within the tie genre of 19th century "side show potions". You know the kind...."Drink this and you'll be able to fly and have the strength of 100 elephants"...kinda thing. I really like Black Pearl and also Archive School Text. Any more suggestions along these lines? I really appreciate the comments everyone!!

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William - Darka is really cool - thanks for the link.


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Hey all, thanks for all the suggestions. I think this is more than a good enough base for me to start concepting. I'll post the mark as soon as I'm done creating it!! Love, peace, and afro-grease!


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Take a look at Sibyl schwabacher. Sibyl is brand spanking new, just released a few hours ago. Woolworths UK want to use it for their halloween campaign.

Sibyl is well-suited to branding applications.

j a m e s

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Sibyl looks great, James.

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