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Is the Typo dedicated to Asian calligraphy missing in your collection? Still looking for the Typo on London Underground, or for the very first issue?

Then rejoice, we have some good news. Together with our publisher, we arranged to re-print the issues which have run out, and starting with July, you may order any of the older issues. So, if you have been looking for some of the older issues, you may now order them via our e-shop at: www.magtypo.cz. The payment can be made in Euro or USD, with a credit card or via the PayPal account.

In the same place, you may, naturally, also order a subscription of the magazine. The same options as for the ordering of older issues apply, that is, a Euro/USD, credit card or PayPal payment. Enjoy the summer with Typo Magazine!

Filip Blazek

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Great news, Filip. Americans in particular are still sadly unaware of Typo and this is a good way to spread the word.

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I love TYPO magazine. Too bad the mailman mauls every issue…

Bert Vanderveen BNO

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"Too bad the mailman mauls every issue…"

That may be courtesy of Homeland Security instead of USPS :-)


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