Wired, How, & Scientific American

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Hi guys! I need help identifying the typefaces that they use for the title and the body copy for these three magazines. I've included some photos buy they're not that great since I used the camera on my cellphone. Thanks!

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I hate to reply without an answer, but:

Run a search for HOW and Wired. Covered a few times.
Need a much better scan of Scientific American.

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HOW uses Parisienne and Fairfield. DJ stout did the redesign 2 years ago.

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More specifically, HOW uses:
Parisine Plus PTF Clair
Parisine Plus PTF Sombre

The Plus refers to the friendlier version of the original Parisine.

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More info on Wired Magazine here. Really, if you know what you're looking for first do a search.

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