Goodbye, Hello,!

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Hot off the Movable Type press... I just found a link on Quipsologies to Typographica's "Our Favorite Fonts of 2006":

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We're slowly crawling out from under the boulder of technology terror that fell on us months ago. This post was actually too long for our blog software to handle, so we have to publish the rest of the honorable mentions in a new post.

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That must have been post haste :-)


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Congrats for the comeback. Here's to hoping it stays strong!

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Wonderful; best of luck with the new site.

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WOOHOO! I have been fiending for this list like a junkie!

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i'm confused, i thought these selections were actually the second half of 2005? Or does this article cover that plus 2006? If the latter, i feel a bit gyped. >^p

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i feel a bit gyped

No, Paul, slab seriffed.

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Am I a bad person for laughing at that?

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