BLOCKLYN (blocks are sexy)

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\blocklyn.jpg {blocklyn copyright (c) Per Ekengren}
I wanted to make a typeface by blocks. But not too oblique as a square pixelfont, just a little bit more "curved" (you read sexy :) )

I know some of the letters are totally wierd when looking at the whole typeface. But just drop me down with your critique.

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\image {blocklyn.jpg}

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The third try

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The glyphs I found myself liking the most were the dingbats. I don't think anyone has done "kitchen-tile" dingbats before; that might be a good direction.

As far as the font itself goes, I think I've seen so many grid-based typefaces (and created more than my share!) that it didn't turn my crank so much. My favorite non-dingbat glyph was the zero, and if you could do a whole character set utilizing those spiked forms, that would be pretty neat.

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I agree use the spikes

reminds me of a pharmacy - but maybe that's the colour that pre-conceived

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About the typeface Brooklyn Blocks

This a fun typeface an artist could play with, reminding us playing with Legos.

How would a lowercase work with this typeface?

Do you know when it will ba available at

Yours truly,

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