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I found a font by the name of Cadiz, and I think it is used on NBC's "Frazier". I cannot however find who made it and I am wondering if Cadiz is an alias for another font. Do you all like this typeface? It seems it could have its uses.

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Tom --

This is similar to, but not quite the same as, the face used for the title of NBC's Frasier. Note that the 'R' in your sample has a more decorative leg and the 'A' exhibits a "backwards" stress.

The Frasier title seems to be based closely on a design called Florentine, first published by ATF in 1896. URW has a digitization available. Note that for the Frasier title, the 'A' has been normalized, instead of the original extended apex.

I don't know of a foundry with your Cadiz.

-- K.

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Florentine has the look I am going for and is a stronger typeface than Cadiz. Thanks!

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With a little nip and tuck, this could be used.

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ahhh- the "Everybody Loves Raymond" font (it is used in the opening credits, I don't know if it is used as the title theme).

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Sure, now it's the "Raymond" font, but I'll always know it as The New Yorker font.

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