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Are there any typefaces that have 45 degree diagonal serifs like Zuzana Licko's Matrix? I'd like to see the effect of this kind of serif on legibility before I start realising an idea which I want to excecute.

So far, the one's I know of are:


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In case it helps your research, this type of serif is called "Latin"
(although often this includes serifs that don't have totally sharp
ends, like Azuza*). BTW, a good example is Saracen:

* See the description here:

Latin serif fonts were big in France in
the second half of the 19th century.


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Latin fonts at FontShop.

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>So far, the one’s I know of are:

Wiewauters, you obviously didn't travel by air prior to 1978 ;-)

Cheers, Si

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