Critique for Marching Band ID

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Just wanted to know what you think of my logo suggestion for a marching band. Anything I should change/something I've missed or should ad?

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Where's the bell? You've got all the parts of a horn except the most recognizable part.

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I know;-) The name itself was the most important and the bell became too dominant and would look cheesy. It should give the impression of a horm instrument not necessarily all the elements. If you try to blow in this logo I think you would blow your lounges - no exit;-)

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those tiny details feel out of scale to the rest of the forms, to the point that they actually look like mistakes. i had to look at it a long time before getting it, and i'm very familiar with brass instruments.

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The problem is that spit valves are always gross.

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Keep the mouthpiece and the little loop in the 'D', add a couple more valves, and cut the other little details out. You may need to find a way to add a bell too.

- Lex

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Tnx guys! All valid comments that I will take into consideration.

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I like it a lot. What do you think about trimming out the extra elements - maybe leaving just the mouth piece and the pressy thing on the D? The other ones are visually thin and confusing to a brass novice like myself. I dig the concept and execution, though.

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nice one.

coming along very nicely

Paul Ducco
Motion Graphics Melbourne

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