Three fonts for review

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These are my three latest fonts, I didn't want to make three seperate posts so put them all here. Let me know what you think.

A short description for each..

Seg Meg:

I really need a closer view to best view the detail on this. Anyway, this was a font that came to me from my sketch book. I like the way the two forms play off each other. I am anxious to use this somehow, but its going to be hard to find a good fit for it because it has such a different look to it.


A short and squatty font.


I am happy how this came out. It has a strange style going for it. I know its not perfect, however I kind of like it like that. However, if you have any ideas I'd be happy to hear them.

There you go. Any comments or suggestion welcome



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Something seems to be wrong with the Aeon image. Firefox says:

"The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors."

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fyi. that aeon thing is really similar to some custom typography brody did for a cabaret voltaire album a hundred thousand years ago. can't remember which one, but i'd advise looking it up and studying his construction methods.

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glyphobet: I will check on reloading that image. I am not sure why firefox has a problem with that particular file since I uploaded them all the same and in Safari it works fine, but I will see what I can do about that.

patricking: Could you get me an example of that font because I am really curious how that looks, I can't find anything that resembles my font by searching online.

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found it, sort of. see attached image (shot with my phone at a friend's house, sorry so blurry). the symbol was broken up to form the word code on the back cover of the vinyl.

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The firefox issue is most likely caused by a CMYK image instead of RGB.

- Lex

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Patricking, Sorry for the late response. I kind of see what your saying with the aeon typeface resembling, but not really. Has Brody constructed other letters like that, or is that the only one?

Lex: I agree, however I am not at my computer right now to change, but thanks for the advice.

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