Free Sans Serif Font?

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I've designed an identity system for a client using primarily Mrs. Eaves. We had originally specified Scala Sans as a complimentary sans serif, but the client is unwilling to pay for a site license.

Can anyone recommend a decent free sans serif font? Otherwise they're going to use Arial and I'm going to hang myself.


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If they paid for a Mrs Eaves license, maybe they'll pay for another Emigre font too? Assuming they want something a bit "interesting" - otherwise let them hang *themselves* with Arial...


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It'll be tough to find a complete family of $0 sans,
but there are some good single weight freebies
like Dalton Maag Interface Regular.

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> there are some good single weight freebies like Dalton Maag Interface Regular.

Do you think it could be used so massively and still be free? I suspect they might have an "end-user-only" clause in there or something. Dunno.


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Thanks Joe. Glad you liked it (and remembered!) I've been thinking that many of us probably cross paths all the time without ever knowing it.

Next time I go down to the Edinburgh Castle I should post and see what typophiles show up...

Interface seems like a good contender, thanks.

By the way, this is the logo portion of the identity (you can read more about it on our website, if you're interested):


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can we see your poster?

:) :) :) :) :)

por favor

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The event was called Within 4 Walls. AIGA SF invited about 40-50 Designers to create posters for the event, under the theme "how does the street influence design?" Naturally the theme was widely and loosely interpreted (including my own humble submission which effectively answered the question in reverse).

The poster was hand silk-screened in a signed and numbered edition of one.

Now that you've seen it you can probably figure out which t-shirt submissions are mine as well.


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Very nice Stephen. Much better than Arial.

Aren't there a few other faces out there that, like
Arial, come bundled on mac & pc for free?
Trebuchet, Andale Mono, Verdana, Adobe Sans?

Does anybody more info on Adobe Sans? I don't
know a whole lot about it, but apparently it's the
multiple master font that shows up in PDFs when
a given font is not properly embedded.

Best of luck Christopher.

P.S. - We saw your poster at the AIGA SF poster show.
Very nice. Sorry I didn't get to meet you in person.

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