How do you like it?

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Hey you font-gurus...

Im was just wondering what fonts you "dig" these days. I mean those really usefull ones. I'm tired of seeing DIN font everywhere I look, even thought its so beautiful. I would love to hear your idea for the next DIN font...?

What do you think?

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I've been drooling over Underware's Sauna and Dolly. They are so playful and well done, I love 'em. As for the next DIN, who knows, Amplitude by Mr. Schwartz?

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Drooling over fonts is one thing, but have you bought licenses and started to use them?

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i dunno about you, james, but i'd be flat broke if i bought every font that i've drooled over the past year!

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Since I'm not in the business of using other designers typefaces, I rarely look at, let alone drool over them.

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isn't that hypocritcal, then, to encourage others to use yours? you should encourage them to build their own to drool over, doncha think?

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By all means, build your own. If I can offer any advise on the matter please let me know. I just think there is an awful lot of "talk" about type on this forum, I just want everyone to not only talk about it, but license it, use it, and by all means create it yourself.

In fact if everyone was busy creating their own fonts, they would have scant time to spend discussing what to drool over.

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I haven't bought them, no. That's only because I haven't had a job that could use them. I just enjoy studying type that has been designed well. It helps me further my type design skills in general.

If you go to my website, you'll see that I'm working on plenty of new fonts and have even more on my computer that may never see the light of day.

I just enjoy talking type, that's all.

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Same here - communication is human. And I don't think Typophile's content is just idle banter. Plus I start wondering why James is here. I hope he doesn't just leave one day, but if he sticks around I hope it will be mostly to communicate. Drool or dry.


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i apologize for my previous rudeness, james. i just thought that the purpose of typophile was for fellow aficionado/as to come together and discuss whatever aspect of type is on his/her mind. personally, i wish i could get my corp to purchase Miller Daily for use in our news publication, but they're tight, so i hafta be content with drooling. i guess i COULD design my own newspaper face, but i doubt it'd be an improvement over times even. but it's good to know i can consider you as a resource, i'll keep that in mind if i ever turn the talk into action.

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I see no rudeness. I was only trying to encourage you to act on your drooling and license the fonts you desired. I do understand the limitations of budgets, but font software is such a relatively inexpensive item in the scheme of business expenses... I guess its seeing too much of the same boring type around the city everyday that makes me a little cranky.

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In Europe, perhaps Helvetica Ultra Ultra Ultra Light as in Orange ads. Like on some examples here:

Must be a typeface widely available.

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I personally like it simple. DIN is okay, but it is enough of DIN on the streets here in Germany. My recent clients were happy enough with Stone Sans offered to be their corporate type. My favs are Stone, Legacy, Ocean, Scala, Seria and Thesis. And I hope these kind of typefaces will get there credit some time soon.

As for "next DIN" - and I might be too late for this - but Gill Sans is quite popular these days. Way too popular, I think. I've written about it in Russian @ru_typography, but there are links to scans, so you might see what I mean. Gill is really everywhere here. I've been reading an article right now, set in Gill. A german article. And there is a spare room to rent across the street and guess what

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