---------------hi i was wondering whats the name of this font is-----------------

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i was wondering whats the name of this font is
that used in LIVE CONCERT.
Especially, if you look at "C","R","S","G",
C is not fully round shape.G is not there but there is no tail under Spur of the letter G.
I really would like know what font they used. i am pretty sure its new type that its been created by someone.
thank you very much for your help!

p.s its bit similar to franklin gothic. but not exact.
i need to know exact name of this font type.



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Spot on again. Give that man a beer..and btw.it's not that new.

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Nope, but somehow it continues to feel new.

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Please post your identification requests in the aptly titled Type Identification Board. Thank you. ;^)

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Thank you so much for your help!!
I would like to shout a beer without a doubt..
Thanks for your comments guys.
And I will make sure that i post requests on "Type Identification Baord" next time. ;)
Tyophile rocks!

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