3D typography like Dimensional Typography by J Abbott Miller

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I've been interested in 3D typography.
Could youguys please recommend good references like “Dimensional Typography: Words in Space” by J Abbott Miller?
Thx! Thx!

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Look at the work of Takenobu Igarashi.


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Here is a link to some of Takenobu Igarashi's work.


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I like Univers Revolved - it actually makes Univers interesting...
BTW, it's featured in "Dimensional Typography".


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BTW, it’s featured in “Dimensional Typography”.

Oops -- thanks for pointing that out, Hrant.

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Thank you guys sooo much!

A couple of months ago, I found http://typophile.com/node/18913

Actually, I’m writing a paper too.

As far as I know, "Dimensional Typography by J Abbott Miller" was published in 1996.

Of course, this is still 'GO____OD'.

However, I'm searching for something newer.

Recently, either online or offline, has this kind of book been published?

If you know, let me know please...

* Thank you for your favor about reading of my poor English~

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Mirko Ilic has created some illustrations for The New York Times using dimensional type. I'm posting an image of the one example I could find on his website, but I've seen others.

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As far as I know, “Dimensional Typography by J Abbott Miller” was published in 1996. [. . .] However, I’m searching for something newer.

Well, not to flog a dead horse, but the Univers Revolved book is from 2004.

But I can also recommend a newer book: New Typographic Design (2007), edited by Roger Fawcett-Tang. There are several examples of dimensional typography scattered throughout it, especially in the Type In Motion section at the end.

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Oh, and then there's this cool stuff:
Check out all of them!


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How about thr real thing: punch cutting?

Smeijers, Fred:
Counterpunch: Making Type in the Sixteenth Century, Designing Typefaces Now. Hyphen Press, 1996

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Well, the "problem" with punchcutting is that you're not supposed to end up seeing anything but the face. The only way the "neck" matters is if the impression depth is sickeningly great.


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"Look at the work of Takenobu Igarashi."

Big in 1986

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Many thanks !!!

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Well, I know a site, runned by a portuguese designer named Victor Quelhas who has given a conference on dynamic typography in 2006, at Atypi Lisbon. The site is http://www.dyntypo.com/, which is open to everyone who wants to share theirs experiments on the subject. It has a lot of links and the possibility to comment and interact with the objects and the creators. Hope it helps!

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