A Call to LA Typophiles: Report on the House Eames Event

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People in LA should attend the sneak preview of House Industries' Eames project and post photos here. I'm itching to know what they're working on.

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I would oblige, except I'll be on Crete.


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Could I have some information on the Eames Project. I used to do work for Charles & Rae Eames when they had studio in an old livery garage in Venice, CA.

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I wish I knew more, Robert. The only information is what is shown on that flyer.

What did you do for them? You might enjoy my Mid-Century Modern blog.

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Stephen, check that link. Something not right.

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Haha! I guess I don't know my alternate URL as well as I should. Fixed.

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So not a single Typophile heeded the call, eh?

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Thank you, dotsara!

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