International folklore festival - Varna, Bulgaria

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Here I post two covers, for a booklet and ivitations, which i'am currently developing...

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I don’t generally like figures in the top style although these are rather attractive, however, the foreground figure does seem to be waving a thong at a broad-chested man wearing a bra (maybe an adult form of morris dancing that I’m unaware of). The positioning and colour of the cyrillic seems to subjugate it while partially obscuring the latin, perhaps this is the english language version though. I suspect with the second you will have trouble in print with the gradations, especially where the magenta gets thin towards the bottom.


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I like the second one more... The squared pattern resembles handkerchiefs... Very nice. I don't like the between the line connections. Date is definitely not visible enough.

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I like the typographic treatment more in the second. Normally I don't go for figures, but I like the people in #1. My final choice is #2 though. I agree with litera, date needs to be more prominent.

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