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This is a logo which I am currently developing, for small “boutique” graphic design studio. It is intended to be very regular (common) looking - at first glance, which with careful observation will reveal it’s complexity and beauty. It must look really “tricky” (if I may express myself that way:), because the people working there are professionals, hidden behind a firm name, generally meaning – unprofessional (something like anti-hero design agency).

I’m posting it for critique and suggestions, which may add little perfection – it must look really twisted, tricky and in the same time amazing.

I’am currently having a very hard time constructing the latin version… so any comments and suggestions….

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The lettering of the word Dilettante is very nice, but then the next line seems wrong. The typeface, the word spacing (too much), the line spacing (too little). I'd try adjusting those things and even pushing the secondary line farther to the right, don't have it cling to the same guide as the main line.

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Note taken, i'll try to play around with it....

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