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Hi Guys,

I have a question about Fontlab and Opentype-features:
I want to make a OpenType-script for swash characters. One script for
beginning characters, and one for the last.
But whatever I do, not only the beginning character are changed, but also
other Uppercase-letters inside the text-string....
What's going wrong??

Best regards and thanks for your help,

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Show us your feature code.


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Hello Morten,

I use this feature code for it and it works:

feature swsh {
lookup cswsh {
ignore sub @call @cswsh1';
sub @cswsh1' by @cswsh2;
} cswsh;
} swsh;

@call = all characters including the space
@cswsh1 = all uppercase character names
@cswsh2 = all uppercase character with swash names


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Hello Pieter and Ralf,

Thanks a lot – unfortunately, it dont works perfect...please look at the attached screenshot.
Of course, the must be a reason, but I can't see it. After the 'A', the Uppercase looks right,
but 'PH' should only the P be a swash!


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In addition: You should name your @cswsh2-class glyphs the other way round. Not "scwsh.P" but "P.cswsh". "P" is the relevant glypyh name and ".cswsh" the suffix indicating an alternate form ...

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Thanks for your help – well, scripting is a hard work...;-)

Regards and thanks,

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1. Your @call class should include all text glyphs, not just the plain uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. You might consider adding simple-substitution "init" and "fina" features into your font. The "init" would substitute regular letters with their initial forms, and "fina" would do the same for the final forms. These features are supported now (on user's discretion) in InDesign CS3.


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Hi Adam,

Yes, thanks, now it all works fine...great!


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