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Have you tried the suggestions described at ?

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Here is (I hope) a quick answer:

1. In Illustrator, set your ruler zero point to the intersection of the baseline and the left sidebearing of the character you want to copy. The zero point in Illustrator corresponds to the base point in the FontLab glyph window. The default zero point in Illustrator is the upper left corner of the page. If you leave it that way, your artwork will be placed below the baseline in FontLab.

2. Point coordinates in Illustrator are converted directly to em units in FontLab, rounded to whole numbers. For instance, if you want your cap height to be 500 em units in FontLab, make it 500 points tall in Illustrator before copying. If you have to scale your artwork after pasting into FontLab (especially if you have to scale up), you will get rounding errors and distortion, so it's best to scale it to the right size in Illustrator first. The thing to remember is that Illustrator is accurate to 1/1000 of a point but FontLab can't work with any measurement smaller than one em unit, equivalent to 1 point for imported Illustrator artwork.

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Allright, working fine. Thanks everyone

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Er.... guess it didnt work that good after all..
Pasting from FontLab to Illustrator works fine, the size in em-units corresponds directly to points. But the opposite (Illustrator to FontLab) makes the letter enlarge almost twice as much ....?

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And by the way, when trying the same with Freehand MX, the whole •••• (FL) breaks down... Incredible how
some tiny beizers can make a program crash....

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can you please send a problem report on that, stating your FontLab version, OS version, application versions you're using, and perhaps attaching a sample font and drawings that cause this trouble?

Please use the problem report form at:
so that we can track and fix that issue.

Thank you in advance, regards,

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Adam - I think those tips are great. The problem is that they are
on an MSN Groups page which (besides spawning an enormous
URL that pushes you to use Tiny URL) requires that you register
as an MSN user and sign up for the group. This is just lame.

Basic tips and instructions for FontLab should appear on the
FontLab website and in the FontLab manual. I hope they will be
as wise about this as they were when they brought you on
board. Perhaps you can make better use of their FAQ page.

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