Divina proporción tipográfica

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I'm assuming the answer to my question is no, but thought I would ask just in case:

Has Raul Rosarivo's Divina proporción tipográfica been translated into English? I can only find it in Spanish and German. My German is so rusty I don't look forward to reading it.

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Thanks to your post I found out about Raúl Rosarivo, so I am grateful for that, George.

Unfortunately, it seems that none of his books or articles can be found in English translation -- an Argentine designer, Fabián Carreras, has what looks like a very complete Rosarivo bibliography on his website.

P.S. On Amazon, he only comes up as mentioned in three books about type and design, and as the illustrator of a fourth one.

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There's a discussion of his work in Tschichold's Form of the Book, but Tschichold doesn't go into a lot of detail so I was interested in finding out more about his work on Gutenberg. Rosarivo is evidently the guy responsible for figuring out Gutenberg's page layout. Guess I'll have to try and sharpen up my Geman then.

Thanks for the bibliography reference.

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There is a bit of info (just a little bit), in English, here (as well as some gorgeous imagery!)...

Next time I go to Buenos Aires, I will try to get a hold of the Rosarivo book... But I have a feeling it will be hard to find, unless I go to a university library.

P.S. The Tschichold article that George mentions is reproduced here, by the way.

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