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Hi guys — I'd appreciate your comments on the attached pdf. I'm trying to decide between both versions, questioning the tail of the 'y'. All other comments welcome. The 's' also seems slighly heavy to me.
The id is for myself, acting as the face to my graphic design services.

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I know that geometrically "S" is ok in the middle but visually it looks broken. Correct that. Its weight also looks heavier as other letters'.

I like the second one more, but it reminds me of the YOSHO (90560) because of the "Y" style.

Since it's about seeing. There's a nice "eyes" pattern with "e"s at the end. Add some eyebrows or eyelashes maybe. Try and play.

But I like the cleanness of it. Very clean very nice. Less is more. Just make it memorable somehow.

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Thanks for that Litera. Working on the 's' at the minute.
I thaink I'll refrain from the eyebrows and eyelashes though.

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to me, the treatment of the "y" is better on the first example. i don't know why, but that one i read as "you see", while the second registers with me closer to "yowsa."

robert is right about the "s."

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I like the top 'y' best.

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Definitely the top, the bottom looks like some odd variation of “house.”

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I prefer the 'y' in number 2. The tail in number 1 makes it look more like a 'u', which may be good in that that is the sound made by the word (yoo), but it looks odd. I think you right to refrain from the eyes and eyelashes.
Any thoughts on colours or a supporting image at this point?

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I would work on reducing the weight in the curved parts of the letters – there is a horizontal weightiness at the top and bottom of most characters, and try a more geometric s based on the shape of the e with a horizontal crossbar. A little bit of overshoot on the curved characters could help the baseline which is dragged down by the y, or you could exaggerate it to make a small feature of it. The transition from vertical to curved in the inside of the y,o,u is a bit abrupt.


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Nice one. Very useful comments. Will post a revised version shortly. Thanks

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