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If I use this ampersand, I would modify it some, and kill the rough edges to meld better with Waters Titling..

This is for a group of personal trainers. They have a heavy focus on a holistic approach. We are trying to target more of the female demographic, without alienating any of the male.

Does this strike you as too femenin? Ideas? Comments?

Also, how does the name, and tagline fall with you guys?


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guess what...

mark_ideas.pdf (28.5 k)

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Pretty nice - not too feminine, I don't think. The font matching is great. And that ampersand (why change it?) looks totally like a yoga position.

As for the tagline, I think it needs to be more... holistic! :-)
Something like this: "Holistic

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Nice! I only think that the script type is too stressed for yoga, that script reminds me something like was built with Zorro :-) I can hear the swoosh!

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For sake of clarification, it is 'personal training' -- not yoga. Here is a bit of an update -- cleaned up the ampersand.

HP: I actually do have a really deep raspberry color in my color scheme. Rich earthy type colors.

Adriano: Being used at the sizes it will mostly be used at, I dont think the distressed will really be very appearent, especially on the stock I have in mind (a soft uncaoted cotton):-)

application/pdf& Changes...
body&mind_mark_concepts.pdf (58.1 k)

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> Being used at the sizes it will mostly be used at

I assume this means small - in which case you'll have trouble with the Ex Ponto filling in.

I had another idea: what if you made the ampersand look a little bit like an "Om" symbol?


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Well not too small.. most likely 1.5 to 2 inches in width. Which in my mind makes the 'roughness' a little less prominent.

Ill try a few sketches with the Om symbol. interesting idea.

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I don't think the distressed type is a problem at all. I think it contributes to the natural, earthly, human nature of holistic treatments (or training in this case). It's looking good.


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Scott --

Good to hear.

Next up, is the remainder of the mark.
Im working on a 'crown' type symbol, that will sit atop the head of the 'M'. I will post when I have a digital version.

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Ignore that. (wrong thread)

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Ignore that last post (Wrong Thread)

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"For sake of clarification, it is 'personal training' -- not yoga."

Just MHO, of course, but the mark clearly says 'yoga' to me...most likely because every single yoga ID I've seen seems to lock on to the chinese calligraphy as a theme. Not that that makes it a bad mark, just that you may have some trouble completely detaching it from yoga.

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i like over all but ther is somthing to consider the "&" is to big and script on bodm thayks away from desagne, maybe all lower case.... jus idea...

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Nice. Nice colors, nice type. What if it said, "Your Holistic Fitness Experience"?

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Or "Your Holistic Training Experience"?

When I say it outloud the words "fitness" and "holistic" stick together a little bit like peanut butter and jelly.

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