Olicana Rough and Smooth

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Olicana Smooth will shortly be available at Veer and Fontworks UK. I have also updated Olicana Rough to include replacement end characters.

See them both on this 2 page pdf:

2XOlicana.pdf719.93 KB
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I love it!!!!

Kinda reminds me of a better Pablo!

Mikey :-)

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Are the two uniwidth?


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More or less Hrant. A blind man on a galloping horse wouldn't notice the difference.

Thanks Mikey.

Nick Cooke

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I can't imagine how much time it took to make such a nice script font. This is way over what I'll ever be capable of. I'm not even considering it.

But all in all: These two fonts are VERY nice, readable, usable and have just enough harmony. I simply love'em. Seriously!

- Robert

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FInally! ;) Thanks for the update!

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Thanks Robert and sch.

They did take a while. :^P

Nick Cooke

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I looooooooove this typeface. I think you're going to start seeing it everywhere soon. Fantastic work!

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Thanks Terry, although I doubt I'll be seeing it everywhere in the UK; it's a different market to the USA. I think script fonts sell far more in the States than here. They are too 'expressive' for us repressed Brits :^) although there is a lot of amateurish looking hand done type now.

If anybody has any photos of it I'd be happy to see them.

Nick Cooke

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i just got it (well the rough version)today and i love it! this is what i have used it for straight away.

thanks for the awesome typeface!

- sye :)

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Well thanks Sye - That's the first time I've seen it in use.

Nick Cooke

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really? i found olicana through the main type page at veer... that was last night... needless to say i was hooked straight away... so i convinced my boss to get it today... i'm an in-house designer for the salvos in melbourne, australia, buying fonts is not something they are used to... they usually just stick to freebies and system fonts... which is rather limiting after a while... but i'm worken on em... i can see olicana being used a lot by me... thanks again it's great! - sye :)

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I actually saw Olicana Rough in use for the first time in the UK on saturday, appropriately enough in a bookshop in Ilkley, Yorkshire.

Olicana is the Roman name for Ilkley.

This book:

Nick Cooke

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Still a gorgeous font, and still one for which I have no use whatever, sadly.

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beauuuutiful!!! A pleasure to the eye.

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Nice one Nick. I hope it does well for you.

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Cheers Malc - you going to AtypI?

I just noticed - this must have been done in an earlier version of Quark (that doesn't support OT), as the 'oo' ligature is not activated.

Nick Cooke

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I need this font for a project I'm doing. After seeing it in Veer's catalog (received today), I tried to buy it at online, but I got error codes from typing the name into the Veer search function. I searched and found the product number on the web and tried that too. Still nothing. Any ideas why I can't locate the font?

It's wonderful. Thanks for creating it!

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Gorgeous Type face!I love it!

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Hi there:

I would suggest contacting Veer customer service- I thnk they have a 1-800 number too. I couldn't find it either. Perhaps they are doing work on their servers or something.

Mikey :-)

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really great! Thanks.

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There is some contractual wrangling between Veer and Fontworks UK going on at the moment. Veer have removed the entire G-Type collection from their website. Hopefully it will be sorted, and reinstated soon.

Of course it is still available at Fontworks UK

Nick Cooke

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Beautiful typeface. I'd love to see 'proper' ł and łł though.


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