Will Malaga go together well with Vista?

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Dear Typophiles,

Can anyone help me with this matter? I currently own Vista and it works pretty well in many of my designs (books, mostly). I wonder if pairing it with Malaga would be a good idea - I like Dupre's newest font a lot and I am probably going to buy it anyway, but I would like to know something about this particular aspect.

Many thanks in advance,

Przemek Debowski

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The moment it was released, I thought, "Hey, Vista Serif".

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I'm with Stephen. I had the same thought myself. But, if you do use them together you should have a third to make sure the mix isn't too homogenous.

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Thank you for your help. "Too homogenous" - this is exactly the expression I was looking for, for I was a bit afraid that the typefaces may be in fact too similar to each other. Mixing them with yet another one seems like a good idea, I will never know, till I try. . Let's see, where is my credit card?

Przemek Debowski

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I wish Malaga had the Alternates package that Vista has, I am not a fan of the squared off 'a' that is so popular at Emigre, and Vista gives you an alternate single story a.

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