Norwegian traffic sign font

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I don't think this really belong in the ID Forum as it's a source I'm after rather than an ID.

I'd like to find a Windows font of the official Norwegian traffic sign font shown in this page from the sign design manual

there are further showings from page 39 onwards of this PDF

It's very similar to various DIN type fonts, but is (of course) not the same.

I found the sign designs (downloadable in a variety of formats), but with my non-existant Norwegian I can't find the font anywhere on the site.

I have tried mailing the department, but I've not had a reply yet.

All help gratefully received.


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It's rather similiar -- though not identical, the "a" is quite different -- to the face used on US freeway signs. Check out a pretty good emulation of it here:

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For the latest digitization (2006, by Jacob Øvergaard) visit the Norwegian FontShop. Something like €75 for the whole package.


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Thank you very much Fredrik, that looks perfect.

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