Want to go to Type Camp?

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Most of us need to make the time to go out on walks, swim, collect little bits of things, take photos, get drunk (or not), talk to friends, etc. So, you have to wonder, who wouldn’t want to spend 5 nights on an island while talking about and working with type? British Columbia in the summertime is heaven on earth—a place where most people would be happy to kick back and relax for a week, but if you’re into typography you can relax your body and exercise your brain at the same time. Three typographers, Marian Bantjes, Shelley Gruendler and Ross Mills will offer differing and convergent approaches to type in a relaxed but structured program over six days. Participants will be reintroduced to some type basics as well as learn through observation and applications of how to think of type in new ways. Through a series of lectures and workshops, you will be as immersed in type as you are in nature. The group is limited to a maximum of 20 participants, so it will be close-knit and hands-on. Be prepared to get your hands dirty in some form or another and to come away with an experience to fuel your future projects.

This is appropriate for anyone interested in typography and design, although you should be conversant enough to talk about type in basic technical terms. Our “back to basics” pre-session isn’t that basic. Optional sessions will include visiting the rules of typography, but most of our time will be spent in a more inquisitive approach.

For more information, go to www.typecamp.org

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Excellent idea, Shelley.

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It is about time! This is going to be a great way to do some fine tuning and/or learn more in such an idyllic setting with yourself, Marian, and Ross.

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Thanks ya'll! We're really looking forward to it. We've been talking about it for ages so it was time to just go ahead and start the ball rolling. The projects are quite interesting and through them, the students will get portfolio pieces as well as experiment a bit with new approaches.

I'm looking forward to having both of you come up to teach a session next summer, eh? Stephen, you're overdue a visit!

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Wow. This sounds like a great idea.

Since I can't make TypeCon this year, I think a type-based vacation on Galiano would be a nice alternative. I'll be lurking on your web site. :-)

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