Web Typography Tutorials

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I'm writing a series of Web Typography tutorials for the site WPDesigner.com. The first one was a brief tutorial on some of the basics about column widths. My next tutorial will be about line-spacing, then about the use of color.

I'd love to have a critique of my first tutorial if anyone has the time. I want it to be as easily understood as possible, but without being overly boring.

The main point of my tutorials will be to get web designers, specifically Wordpress theme designers, to focus on the importance of typography.

Anyone have any ideas on tutorials I should write that would be beneficial to the blogging community as a whole?


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The only comment I can make is that shorter pages are more appealing to the web browser, and a tutorial of this type seems too long. I suspect that your blog format prevents you from splitting it into more easily digested chunks (I would say 6 to 8 would be ideal). If you move it from the blog to HTML pages, you might want to consider chunking it.

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