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Hi all,

I’m trying to make the move form drawing glyphs in Illustrator to Fontlab, but I’m having problems doing things in Foontlab that I would do in Illustrator. I’m drawing the Oslash glyph I wanted to be able to center the slash on top of the O and then rotate it to make the glyph, is it possible to center the slash down the middle of the “O”. I know I can center the glyph in the window, but is it possible the align a shape to that glyph.

Hope this make sense I someone can help.

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If you really want to do it "numerically" then you need to use Meter tool to find center of 'O' and bar with guidelines (drag meter tool with right mouse button and select "create guideline at 50%" command in menu) then measure distance between these new guidelines and apply shift command from transformations panel to move the bar.

However, it is much faster to do by eye, using Free transform tool.

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