Tschichold's Penguin Compostion Rules

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Can anyone please tell me where I can find Tschichold's Penguin Compostion Rules (set-out in the 1950's), web-based or in a specific book?

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I'm really in need of them for my new project.

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I know that the rules are in McLean’s first book about Tschichold as well as issue 49 of Baseline Magazine.

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I too am looking for a set of these rules, just the rules, it's a 4 page document I believe, but the only refs I can find are to out of print or expensive books, and I'd like to supply a class of pupils with them.

I'm surprised there isn't a set to download from Penguin.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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...out of print or expensive books...

Ruari McLean's book, Jan Tschichold: A Life in Typography, is neither out of print nor expensive, since it's available in paperback.

You could also try a library.

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3 years laters... I've found this link : "Penguin rules for the web", a re-write of Tschichold Penguin's typographic rules applied to the web : http://www.beyondstandards.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/05/penguin_rules_...

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3 years later? haha. wow. i'mma check it out

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