Titulata Italic

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Hello typophilers:

Titulata italic in progress…,
Their critics are welcome!

Eduardo Tunni

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Very nice! And I love uniwidth.


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Thanks, the release of Titulata Italic will be in August 2007.

Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni

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Nice. I love it!
Only thing that comes to mind right now is the 'd'. It might be a little bit less 'flipped b'. It is standing out now in the Regular face.
The alternate 'd' is already better, although I think it is the bowl that is standing out for me on the 'd'.

But nevertheless, very nice work.

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One question:
Why did you choose to set your typeface in uniwidth? I like it, but I wonder why. Thanks

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I don't think that "s" in stylistic alternates & italic is readable... I'm constantly confusing it with "b". Also "l" in stylistic alternates look like the only letter with very thin stroke. I like it a lot. But maybe you should populate that on some other letters too.

All in all: I like the typeface.

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Oh, want to add to my previous crit:
I do like the 'b' and 'd' on the italic version. Those do not have the same problem as the regular ones have.

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Sim: Because it is very interesting as design exercise.

Litera and Quincunx: Thanks for the critics.

Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni

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