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I am posting samples from a few members of a font family I am building. The basic pattern or decision set is common to each memeber of the font but the overlay is different. The set of rules I gave myself were that the font should be monospaced, that it should fit a square grid & the 'A' would fit in 5 across by 7 tall. The font has a full character set too which is partially presented here. Eventually I am thinking of making a non monospaced but still grid based version & maybe expanding & contracting the grid. At the rate I am going I amy end up with 500 fonts once I do weights & so on. Before I go nuts with this I would like some feedback about my basic design choices. Because the font is made on a common bitmap format it has alot in common with other bitmapped fonts like The Process Type Foundry's 'find replace', thirst type's bitmaped offering & even my clock radio's glowing blue LEDs.

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I should laso say that I had a hard time deciding whwere to post this - bitmapped/script, serif ( here) or in display. I took the advice of another typophile & put it here. It does seem to me that a monospaced area might be the best place for it since the issues this font deals with have fairly little to do with serif type as we typically think about it.

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To me this project has one distinct merit: to have different fonts be highly interchangable. Individually the fonts (especially the first one) are nothing highly interesting in my opinion, but the fact that one font can be used to highlight/differentiate words in a body of another (with affecting flow) is appealing, and useful in some contexts.

Making them monospaced is not a requirement in this regard, on the other hand being monospaced allows you to swap in any letters without affecting flow, and that can be interesting in animation for example.


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