Substitute for sansa

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Hi everyone, I really like the font named SANSA from ourtype but I find it way too expensive (500 euro for the whole family) . Does anyone know of a similar but cheaper font ? thanks in advance.

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What is your budget? This may help.

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Ergo is a good example. The "Frutiger Next italics" and Lucas de Groot "The Sans Italics" have also some of the Linotype Ergo.

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if it's for a logotype, why not draw it yourself -- that's much cheaper. study some of the typefaces you think are moving in the right direction, eg Sansa, and then run off to you drawing table.

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Actually, I don't think 500 Euros ($610 US) is too much for a family of 5 fonts and 18 weights - only $34 for a variant!

I see on the website that you can get a smaller set for only 150 Euros ($183 US) - again, this includes 4 weights.

Seems in line with other professional foundries (Adobe, Font Font, Hoefler, etc.)

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Maybe Ergo will toot your horn.

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