(x) Martha Stewart and Company door plaque - Simoncini Garamond {Jan E}

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Alrighty typophiles, I call upon your mighty...ness once again.

Need to re-cut these vinyl letters and I can't figure this one out.

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Are you referring to the custom typeface Archer by H&FJ?

If so, there's more info here:


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No, I'm sorry. It seems my image didn't come up when I attached it. Not sure why. The image is up now. Thanks though!

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Could it be Simoncini Garamond, squooched vertically waaaaaayyyy tooooooo much?

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I think with those notches out of the top of the A and the crotch of the M, it sure looks like Simoncini G. was used, although everyone, including those not in FontBook, has a Garamond.

Mike Yanega

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