Help ID this Classic Serif

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Anyone know what font this is? Need to recreate it so I can make an animation out of it tonight. Thanks!

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Galliard. Made lighter and wider a bit.

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I think the “C2W” part is actually Times New Roman. As for the rest of it, it’s too small to tell, but it looks like something different.

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Looking at the quality of the design an easily available font (like Times New Roman) seems obvious.
(Why does religious stuff look so ugly so often?)

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'cuz it's from the 90's and they are low budget, hehe. I used times but had to manipulate it a bit. Will be good enough for my purposes. Thanks folks. I looked through all the fonts in my fontexplorer but didn't think of Times. Crap I neeeeed a holiday!

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gosh, you should have seen the other logo they wanted to use!

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