TypeCon Math Workshop - 31 July 2007

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Just a note for those anyone attending TypeCon who might want to attend a workshop on Math fonts. Due to scheduling issues we're holding it on Tuesday, July 31, ahead of the other workshops that start August 1st.

Details here... http://www.microsoft.com/typography/links/news.aspx?NID=5820

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Oh, that's annoying. I don't suppose there are any deep-pocketed eccentrics out there who feel like sponsoring a brief transatlantic research trip about typography and math, right? Not only do I miss TypeCon this year, but it looks like that workshop will happen on the very same day I began writing my dissertation on that exact topic.

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Video conferencing?

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If Murray is okay being taped we can set up a camera, alternately we'll forward you the decks. Alternately Mighy find a good price on flight to Seattle of Vancouver here... http://www.flyglobespan.com/

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