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Here is a little something that I made years ago and released for free. It's based on another more grid-oriented font I made earlier called Rutager.
Anyway, it's riddled with flaws, yet it still has a certain charm to it that I feel like revising it in to something usable, possibly marketable. What do you think?

Font files are available at:

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It's color is interesting but my gut is that a new sketch would be a better place to start even if you were going to channel this feeling again. From my experience ( limited indeed ) and what I have been told it's often faster & better to make a face well straight off than to fix 10,000 errors. Look at all the weight problems for instance. This is putting it a bit too simply perhaps. And it also depends on where you think you were then & where you feel you are now. There is also the question of purpose. What purpose whould you be designing towards with this?

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