Help with anti-aliasing, please!!

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I have problems with my logo - please check out my other thread "How to sharpen font?". (I've posted an image there.) The best solution seems to be "anti-aliasing" but I don't know how to do it. I would be really grateful if someone could teach me - step by step. it. But please keep in mind that I only recently have learned how to fix my pictures in Photoshop and that's about all I know, so keep it as simple as possible. :-)

(BTW, I am obviously not doing the web site myself, a friend is doing it, but he's also new at this.)

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Have you heard of Google? Anyway I've searched for you and found

I suspect it will answer your question.

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One of the problems people have in getting a sharp image with pixels when they have a vector based image is pixel alignment. It's easy to have the logo crisp on one side & soft on the other. You can move a 'smart image' of your vecortor around by sub pixel amounts in photoshop. I am not loving the interface but it can be done. I like the UI/process used in Fireworks MUCH more.

Of course without a visual reference I have no idea if this could help or not...

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Clauses - Yes, I have heard of Google. :-) Thank you - I'll read and educate myself.

Eben Sorkin - There's an image on my other thread "How to sharpen font?" (Build). I deleted that image but I can make another one and post it here. BTW, I looked at your information - when did you graduate from Hampshire college? My ex-husband went there. :-)

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Charlotta, you're going to have to take a Photoshop course or something. If not you, your friend. Or find a better friend. I'm not trying to be mean, but except for the times you've chosen "None" in the "aa" field of Photoshop's text rendering, you've actually been doing anti-aliasing already... :-/


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hrant -

> Or find a better friend.

My friend is not only a very good friend but also a very intelligent person who has made my entire web site with zero knowledge in the field prior to taking on this task. He has not asked anyone for anything and he's not doing it now either. I am the one asking for help in this forum because I need to understand better how to fix the font. He has taken all advice given in the other thread about
sharpening the font but he hasn't been able to make it look as good as Grant's (?) example, and that's why I decided that I needed to learn how to fix the font since that's important to me.

> I’m not trying to be mean...

Then don't be.

> ...but except for the times you’ve chosen “None” in the “aa” field of Photoshop’s text rendering, you’ve actually been doing anti-aliasing already… :-/

I assume - considering how you began the sentence - that you think this is such basic knowledge that you're kind of ridiculing me. That's fine - I am not afraid to look like an "idiot" and ask too many questions as long as I learn something. But If I were part of a forum in a field where I had a lot of expertis, I would never make anyone look or feel like a loser for asking questions. On the contrary, I would be very happy to help if I could.

If my questions/messages provoke or irritate you or any other people on Typophile the solution is simple - don't take part of the thread, don't read my messages and make the choice not to help me. Becuase trust me, with a message like this, you're not helping me in any way.

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Charlotta, a web designer who doesn't know about anti-aliasing
and refuses to ask for help is not a very useful web designer.

> this is such basic knowledge

It is basic knowledge. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible not
knowing it - everybody has to start somewhere. I always have
basic questions about things, and like you I try not to be too
embarassed to ask them.


> you’re not helping me in any way.

On the contrary I'm trying to help you by refining your search.
You would have gotten a ton of useful replies if this was a
"beginner Photoshop" forum. And there's a ton of those! :-/


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> a web designer who doesn’t know about anti-aliasing
and refuses to ask for help is not a very useful web designer.

He is not a web designer. He has never refused to ask for help.
I was the one who asked for help with the font, not he.
Anti-aliasing was mentioned several times so I asked for help
about that. I had no idea what it was but I did think it was
more complicated and that the question belonged in this forum.
If that was a mistake, fine. If people here think I'm an idiot for asking that question, fine. If nobody wants to help me it's their choice and that's fine too. I don't see where the problem is?
Hrant, I'm not trying to be mean or aggressive, but you clearly
don't like me and I seem to annoy you to no end - to put it mildly -
so why don't you just ignore me?

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If you are working directly in Photoshop (as opposed to creating in a vector program and importing it), there will be an option in the character pallette that has 2 a's with a button next to it which says either none, sharp, crisp, strong or smooth, with your type selected you can change that option, the difference will be most noticeable if you are viewing at 100% (The 2 a’s pallette also appears in the top bar when in the type tool).


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Timd - Thank you! It was easier than I thought. :-) I think "Strong" made the font look best.

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All this time I had assumed you could find THAT on your own & didn't like the options... Now I think Hrant was right the 1st time - except that it wasn't an online source you needed - it was the manual!

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Why don't you ask yourself before you post a message like that if it in any way will have a positive impact? Don't you have anything better to do than to waste time and energy riduculing people who don't have the same knowledge as you? Do you want to have a discussion with me where I'm the expert and you know nothing? Why don't you think about how it would feel to be in a forum where you know next to nothing about a certain thing and really need help and when you ask a question people make fun of you. Would that be pleasant? One good way to learn is to ask and if my questions make me look like a total bimbo to you that's absolutely fine by me since I know I'm not stupid. Your comments don't make me feel insecure in any way. The only thing I react to is your bad attitude. Be happy about the fact that you have such expertise in this field and be grateful if you can help someone by using it. Take a little lesson from timd in how to be kind and helpful. Anything else is a pitiful behaviour.

If people had to have a certain degree of knowledge in order to become members at Typophile, that should be a rule. But as long as it isn't, deal with it. I'm pretty sure that you're not an expert in everything, so a little humility would be appropriate.

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In the long term, "positive impacts" rarely come
from simply telling people what they want to hear.

Every forum has its purpose. This one is not for learning Photoshop.


The fact that you think Eben is a meanie is actually very
good evidence that the problem is mainly in your head.


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You know very well that I didn't turn to this forum to learn Photoshop. The "anti-aliasing" question had its "roots" in the "sharpening the font" problem and that's a Typophile topic, isn't? Anti-aliasing came up and I had no clue what that was, haven't we covered that enough now?

You still don't get it. I don't care about what kind of forum this is, people should be kind to each other, and if they can't, at least be civil. If someone isn't, I will most likely stand up for myself, or for anyone else who's being treated in an unfriendly manner. You, on the other hand, do the opposite. Eben posted a message which sole purpose seemed to be making fun of me and I reacted to it and stood up for myself. If you perceive my message as thinking him a "meanie" then it's obviously in your head, not in mine.

And if Eben feels "bullied" by me, let him fight his own battle. I'm sure he can handle that all by himself.

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> people should be kind to each other

People should be honest to each other.
Kind? Not trying to help people improve themselves isn't.

And here's a bit of honesty: I don't think you're fit to be here. Try Flickr.

> let him fight his own battle

I'm defending Eben not because he needs it, but because he was treated unfairly.
If and when you're treated unfairly (which actually hasn't happened yet) I will do the same for you. Even if you ask me not to.


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I don't get the chance to laugh out loud all that often but I did after I read this thread today. What a kerfuffle. I can't see what the big deal could possibly be.

Carlotta; I only meant what I wrote as a gentle, light & friendly rebuke. A sort of light 'ha!' of disbelief.

Still, I am sorry if you felt cut by what I wrote. That was not my intention at all. I also did not mean to 'make fun' of you. Or to hurt your feelings. So if it makes you feel better at all - I apologize.

Still, you did write a great deal stuff and so I think unless I say more I will not be being honest or respectful with ya. And you deserve that too. You said:

Why don’t you ask yourself before you post a message like that if it in any way will have a positive impact?

I did. And I do stand by what I wrote. I judged that:

a) You might benefit from being reminded to poke around on your own more, and to pick up & read the manual occasionally.

b) We might benefit from the lowered noise to signal ratio around here.

When you ask for help I think people expect you have tried to sort things out for yourself to some degree already. I think that's reasonable. My standard for an acceptable level of effort might be higher or lower than someone else I admit. But everybody has a notion of what's too much and I suppose you met mine. I might be wrong or right but it's my opinion and so far I haven't read anything to change it.

Let me be clear: I am not saying you are stupid. Not at all. I am voting with 100% candor in confidence of your abilities. I am saying I think you could have done it without help.

I am not prepared to banish you to Flickr; however I would respectfully recommend growing a thicker skin, and perhaps think about if you could figure out the answer to your question yourself with minor effort before you ask them.

I am making this suggestion not to save Typophile from you; or for my own benefit. I can happily write with you again about whatever - or ignore you. Either way; I have no grudge. I am making the suggestion because I honestly think you will get more out of Typophile that way.

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hrant - Now it's my turn to laugh out loud. I haven't been treated unfairly? I have been personally bullied repeatedly by you and you know it. You have taken whatever I've said to a personal level. You have called me dense, manipulative, false, immature, a liar and a fraud, (and that's just a fragment of it all). Someone who most likely have a "medical conditon which would explain your behaviour". And let's not forget: "Get through you thick skull that nobody here cares enough about you to stab you in the back." That wasn't an attack? Were you maybe defending yourself?

You stand up for Eben now? Who are you kidding? There's a person here who's known for being very rude and obnoxious and I've seen you supporting he/she and never have I seen you standing up for anyone that that particular person has attacked. You only took this opportunity with Eben so that you could insult me. And what are you going to say now? - "Don't flatter yourself, I don't care that much about you, bla bla bla"." Well, in that case, respect my wishes and leave me alone.

Answer this question - why do you keep on going after me? What is it in my behaviour that's so offensive to you? I have asked you kindly, to please leave me alone and ignore my messages, why can't you do that? And for the record, it's not because I can't argue with you or because I feel inferior, it's for the sake of other people in this forum who naturally find our toxic interaction very unpleasant.

Let me be honest with you - You don't belong in any forum where there are human beings interacting. At least not until you are socially house-trained. Seriously, I have done nothing else except turning to people for help in a free forum, and I have never been so badly and unfairly treated in my life. You should feel ashamed.

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I am sorry that I wasn't able to see your "friendly rebuke". You don't have to apologize but that was very nice of you.

a) I'm too impatient when it comes to manuals and I know that's bad.

b) I absolutely see what you're saying. But I haven't been working on the web site and when the "blurry-font-problem" came up, I just went on Typophile and asked for help. I got all these answers filled with information I didn't understand and you're absolutely right, they obviously thought I had a lot more knowledge than I did. And the
"anti-aliasing-fiasco" is embarrasing/hilarious, in hind-sight, but at the time I was just impatiently trying to get help asap so I just posted that thread.
I could have done it without help, but I didn't think it was such a faux-pas to ask that question without having prior knowledge. I know better now.
I know I'm not stupid. But it's natural to feel intellectually inferior in any situation where you're surrounded by experts in a field where you know nothing. No one on this planet can be an expert in everything, so maybe people should be a tad more understanding.

It's funny you should say that I should grow thicker skin. How do you think I would've lasted if I didn't have thick skin? Maybe you've not seen how I've been treated by certain people? In fact, I wish that more people here - especially men - could develop thicker skin and have the courage to stand up to bullies. I see that far too seldom.
And please don't confuse my standing up for myself and arguing my point as over-reacting or what some men would call it. If a man did what I do he would get nothing but credit.

Thank you Eben, for a kind and informative message. I completely understand what you were trying to convey earlier. :-)

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> please leave me alone and ignore my messages

You would have to formalize it: _
Poor Nick would be in quite "high-quality" company...

But really, a better solution for everybody would be Flickr.
They're always very nice there. "Nice color & composition!"


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"...for which all anybody ever has to do is ask."

I have asked you but it hasn't worked. I don't need to formalize it, that's ridiculous. Respect a person's wishes and if you don't I'll handle it anyway.

Flickr? It's getting really old and I have no clue what it's about.
"Nice color and composition!" Is that your way of making fun of people who aren't nasty, rude, insulting jerks? How is that working for you, hrant?

A better solution for everybody...? For whom? Why don't you give me names, hrant, since there apparently are so many people who would like to see me vansish from Typophile. And again, and this is a pattern with you, every time I ask you a question that you probably have no answer to, or come up with a really good argument, you always ignore to respond and avert the attention to something else. I guess you're not so superior after all.

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It would have been nice if you could simply make the exclusion more explicit*. But lacking that, I will hereby: not participate in any threads you start; and I will not react to any post you make, as long as it does not contain any reference (not even an allusion) to my person or my foundry. Be careful. Goodbye.

* You will notice (well, you would have if you were reading) for example that Nick only forbids my participation in threads that he has started. Another person, whom I will kindly not name, went silent when I asked for specifics. Presumably his froth had died down enough for him to start seeing straight.


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hrant - Even if you won't read this. I had absolutely no desire or need to exclude you in anything. When I "came back" to Typophile I was vigilant and I thought I would just stay out of your way in order to avoid any similar situation as the one we had at the enfant terrible thread. But for some reason, it was you who responded to my very first thread, and I had no problem with that until you began to get a bit personal toward me. I still don't know - and probably never will - why I annoy you so much. I have written a lot of things to you in anger and frustration but I can honestly say that a negative interaction like that doesn't make me feel good. I truly want to be friends with people even if you might think that's being false or "goody-two-shoeish".

No, I didn't read the whole thing about Nick because I thought it was riciulous, so I guess I was wrong again. But in all fairness, I have asked you to ignore my messages before and you have chosen not to.

I am very impressed by your intelligence and your eloquence and it's too bad that we couldn't have gotten to know each other on better terms. But don't worry, I won't hang around for too long.


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> I had absolutely no desire or need to exclude you in anything.



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I have only asked you to ignore me if you're going to continue to get personal and unpleasant. If not, feel free to comment on everything I write, as long as you focus on the matter at hand. But to "exclude" you by making it "formal", is ridiculous to me and abslutely not necessary or something I would like to do. If you want to do it to me, that would at least feel better, but it's not necessary since I would never bother you again if you just asked me. You can call me "diplomatic to the extreme" or false or whatever, but I seriously would prefer it if we could get along.

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You are a horrible communicator and/or have a mental disorder.
Either way, please leave me alone.


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This is impressive.

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Charlotta: I don't know if it will make you feel any better, but Hrant deals the same way with everybody. This is in no way a defense of his behavior (indeed, I went a year or two with a "never reply to anything Hrant writes" policy). But you shouldn't feel singled out.



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Thomas Phinney - Thank you SO much for that message! :-) It's makes a ton of difference to have someone stand up for me. It's not about whether I can deal with it or not, it's more that it feels like people are blaming me for the perpetual fighting, just because I keep on standing up for myself. I just simply can't stand to be unfairly accused of things that aren't true and remain silent. Thank you again, you made my day! :-)
(And let me apologize in advance for the next LAST message concerning this person. I just have to do it.)


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"Horrible at communicating?"

That accusation only makes you look stupid.

"You would have to formalize it"

No, hrant, for most people it would only take simply ASKING them to leave you alone.

"Mental disorder"?

One has to put a virtual "restraining order" on you to be free of your harassment, and you accuse ME of having a mental disorder?

"A confusing airhead"? "Make your mind up"?

I have categorically and repeatedly said the same thing - it's fine to communicate with you as long as you're civilized and if you're not, leave me alone. I have never wavered about that. Don't confuse being indecisive to trying to prevent "excluding" someone from addressing me. I simply don't like to be on bad terms with anybody. But I can see how that must be utterly incomprehensible for someone who seem to thrive in collecting antagonists.

Don't worry, I will leave you alone on the same conditions as yours - as long as you never mention me or, in your own words, " long as it does not contain any reference (not even an allusion) to my person..."

"Be careful."

Be careful yourself. And I'm sure I mean that in exactly the same way as you.

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