Pottery painting

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this typeface is inspired by native american pottery painting. i'm going for a hand-painted, geometric feel. i believe it looks kind of hieroglyphicish, if you will. any suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated! pottery design typeface

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I think the key to making this worthwhile is the type of "finish" you apply to it. If you just make all the parts straight lines it would make it boring. But I'm not comfortable recommending a "weathered" look. Maybe if you looked at Ancient Greek inscriptions, like in here:
(Top two.)


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That is so cool! Bravo.

It will be tough to read when not in aphabetical order (see G, S,
5 or Z, 8 combos), but you wont be setting a novel in it. It would
make for a cool logo.

Made me think of ST

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hot hot hottery

I think you should post some sentences so we can see how this type works

great concept and execution

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Thanks for the comments. Hrant- I like your example of the Greek incription and it is a direction I've thought of going. However, my original intent was to convey a hand-painted feeling rather than carved. Hopefully you can see that a little bit better at a larger size?

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That's cool.

BTW, you just reminded me of something I made/did recently:


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Hrant --

That last image you posted, thats not some type of falic comentary, is it :-)

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Maybe I should have put that in the Inkblot thread for you, Kyle...


"Traci", I just realized something: this design is crying out for ligatures!


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Very interesting. I think the texture generated is really working. I'd also like to see it in application.

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