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I know there's a lot of Japanese inspired fonts out there & a lot of receipt like fonts, but I thought it would be nice to combine them. I've made a monotype font (for the receipt look) with Japanese inspired characters... Kind of what I imagine a receipt in Tokyo might look like ;-)

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Hehe, not bad!
It really looks like Japanese at first sight. The letters are quite easy to recognise though. At least if you know what they are supposed to be, since it is in alphabetical order.
Can we see a demo receipt?

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In order to get a receipt, you need to buy something first ;-p
But since I don't really have anything to sell, I made a few pangrams for you to see the font in use.
Hope it's still legible...
The trickiest letter was probably the M since I was working on a grid of 4x5 and had to figure out a way to include the middle vertex (for the W, I just flipped the M for my own convenience). The I was also a bit of a challenge getting it wide enough, but I like the floating dot at the left (which -again- i redid for the J, except this time at the right side)... It gives it an extra Japanese feel & remains monospaced.

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After the Japanese receipt font, I figured I should do a regular one as well. Now I've ended up with 4 receipt fonts (each of which has 3 variations; a full version, a dotted version & a pixel version). Since the numbers & symbols are quite universal, I've used the same ones for each font & for the same reason (and a little laziness on my behalf maybe) I've also reused certain characters for different fonts (how much can you really do with a 4 by 5 pixel limit anyway?). I still think I've managed to capture the characteristics of the foreign alphabets for each font, but as a test I'll leave it up to you to name them ;-)
BTW, I àm aware of the fact that the regular M looks a lot like an N, but once set in text, it actually seems to read as an M (trust me, I was as surprised as you are ;-p )

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Another receipt has been added to the collection...

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I had to change the name since I've added several other alphabets. I think the new name speaks for itself ;-)

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OK, I've added another alphabet, but I had ligitimate reasons to do so. I was playing around with the different fonts & put them all on top of eachother with transparancy. This gives a really cool effect, so I wanted to do the same with colours... The obvious choice for my colour range was CMY & RGB, but for that I was one alphabet short. I could've just left one colour out ofcourse, but I just couldn't decide which one plus this has been a really fun thing to do, making foreign receipts within the parameters of a 4x5 pixel limit. I'd actually like to do some more, but so far the only alphabet I can think of still doing is Arabic which would give me problems making it look that way. Arabic script is very stretched & with a 4 pixel width limit (of which you need at least 3 pixels to make a letter recognisable) there's not much left to stretch ;-)
Any suggestions for strange alphabets are welcome ofcourse. The ones I've got so far (in case it's hard to tell) are: a regular one, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Indian & Celtic.

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I like it.. but I mostly wanted to say, awesome title.

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Thanks, I posted a good title as a reason to start a new typeface in a different thread (posted by Bald Condensed I think)... I've made quite a few changes by now, but since I'm working on an antique computer (OS 9.1, go figure) I can no longer upload images on Typophile since they've upgraded... I àm however collecting a bunch of stuff to post here on an USB-stick & am planning to post it on a friend's computer one of these days. So keep your eyes open ;-)
It makes a really cool effect when using all different DBTT-typefaces in different colours & transparancies on top of eachother. I've been quite busy lately & I've got some nice things up my sleeves that I think will get some raving responses, but I still need to find the time to get organized & a good friend who'll let me use his/her computer to upload all my new stuff. But I promise -with the risk of sounding cocky- that'll be worth the wait ;-)
If you like this name, you'll proçbably also enjoy "Hack the Pony" which I derived from one of my favourite series "Smack the pony" ;-)

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Well, here is the real thing- a Japanese receipt circa 1996 for a sale of soba noodles. I found it in a recycled book at the library. Nowadays they use thermal printers and the receipt fonts are much smoother.

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Really good work! I've some problem with two letters, the caps i and the M, may be the W need some more work too. BTW the gif don't give a good output. A pdf file would be better to appreciate your typeface.

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