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I recently grew from a freelance ad art director to a real agency. I'm in the midst of reworking an old identity and the logo is giving me fits. One of those things where I've been at it so long I can't think straight about it anymore.

Here are some of the things going on:

1. Since the same is a bit odd, I wanted to go with a simple type-only logo.
2. I wanted to increase the readability of the name by visually separating "Eureka" from "ville".

I'm down to these. Some I like, some I'm not sure about. I'd like your comments and thoughts. Don't be kind, if they suck, let me know (I have not kerned these yet).

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

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I think 11 (at least that sort of direction) is the best. It definately seems to hit on all levels you were aiming for. Having "eureka" slightly higher also is a nice play on the word and emotion usually associated with it. However, splitting the bottom copy "advertising & design" creates an easy feeling being split like that (and it doesn't help that I can't think of anything right now to suggest about that.

I also like some of the typ treatments you are getting in group a, particularly 3,5,and 6. I think, though, that you could push the contrast in weight a bit more (if the typeface weights allow).
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Group A definitely looks most elegant. I'd forget group B. But truth be told group D (logo 11) has a nice twist that promises the most.

I'd suggest you try combining groups A and D. Put "Eureka Ville" in a green square with a twist. The square will grow in height a bit. And "advertising & design" outside if you need it.

The choice of colour is very very good for group A. It makes it very elegant. The same colour doesn't work as good in other groups.

We'll see about the fonts later.

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I think you need a mark of some sort. Maybe a bathtub, soap, or rubber ducky could serve as a starting point.

- Lex

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I like Number 11 as well. The offset text and the type choice remind me vintage travel posters - as does the word "Eureka" - so I think the design is very cohesive.


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I guess everyone is referring to the 11 that should be 13!!! I just noticed that. Group D 11 = 13.

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I like the C 11 most, but the other 11 is a good start, too. I'm a bit bothered about the two levels of advertising & design text, though

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At times when i have lots of choices I try to reduce the amount of choices to find the best solution.
I would suggest eliminating #5 as the lc "e'' is too awkward and the "ville" is too thin,and overall balance is poor. placement at the bottom of the box where it touches the white below.

The lc "k" in 10 is weak as well, not sure what font it is but amateurish at best. I do however like the idea of at least one font being rounded (apparently trendy these days).

Which is best - I don't know. 11 which several folks like is a bit too standard for my taste. Neutra is simply too common in my opinion. If you like something with an architectural history try Frank Lloyd Wright's Midway font (designed for Midway Gardens), or better yet design your own.

As Lex recommended, you need to consider a mark/icon.

All this advise is pointless unless we know exactly what type of work you do and who your clients are.

Likewise going with any of the choices the use Neutraface if your clients are all high tech companies may not be a good idea as the retro 40's feeling will not be appropriate.

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