Suggestion for non slanted elegant brush script fonts.

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I have been searching for some elegant slightly informal brush drawn script fonts, but with the unusual specificity of being non-slanted, like the tradition wants.
A good example of the "looks" I'm searching for is linotype's pepita, but in a less right-slant-look concept. Sadly, for some reason all "vertical-looking" brushscript fonts I was given to see looked uneasy and quite in-elegant.(Most probably because they get less curves to express their character).

Thanks for any suggestions,

Paul-Kenji Cahier

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You might like Mousse Script also by Sudtipos

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Nick Cooke

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Bounce Script or Sweetheart Script both by Typadelic at FontBros.

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Thanks all for the suggestions.
There is this smoothness, clarity yet hand-made brush feeling in pepita that is so hard to find around. The variations in width/alignement are for a good part of that. That and some non-typical forms.

The one matching the most from what was suggested would be Mr Rafkin:

I'm particularly fond(in this case) of the caps of pepita, like the 'P'.

Anyway, all suggestions are still welcome.

On a side note, I'm liking a lot the looks of gizmo(even if not what I need in this case), it's really nice to see such an informal yet elegant face.

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