Milka Pejkova

Indices: Designers: Milka Pejkova

A respected Bulgarian painter, with later interest in typography. Works in collaboration with Georgi Kovachov, also involved in the same fields.

"...Book covers, stamps and postcards which they designed introduce a number of new values to the domain of graphic design.

At the competition for new typefaces of Cyrillic alphabet characters, launched in Bulgaria in 1960-61, Milka Pejkova and Georgi Kovachov received second prize for their design of a grotesque print script. While studying the features of old Bulgarian letters, Pejkova discovered its specific architectonics and its glyph rhythm. She began to create artistic letter signs. At the beginning she continued in the tradition of the Cyrillic alphabet and then, inspired by tradition, she began to create original letter images, composed with considerable fantasy...”

Project magazine, issue 6/97, 1973

A specimen of the second prize winning typeface.

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