(x) Bauhaus-style sans on Gwen Stefani "Sweet Escape" album cover - Pump {Linda}

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Hi guys! :) this will be my first post. Unfortunately, it's going to be a "i need your help" post. :) I know you probably recieved a lot of this. Since this IS a type ID thread.. :) but for the first time I'm stumped I have no idea what this font is.. I've scoured Google for the answer.. but to no avail, Nothing.

So I turn to the experts..

Help! what is this font called?

Thanks so much

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It's a gently manipulated Pump.

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WOW! that was quick :) Thanks So Much! :) I appreciate it.. :) you guys are goooooood! :)

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By The way guys, Thanks so much for helping me out on my problem :) I haven't been much active in the forums since I have no clue on type :) hheheh i was just a lurker hehehe up until i encountered this problem thanks again :)

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No problem. It's not mandatory that you contribute, you know. :^)

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But if you don't, you don't earn karma points.... ;-)

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Got the feeling my karma’s goin’ low. Guess I didn’t ID much lately.

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