(x) Emerald Coast round casual script - Bingham Script {Mark S}

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Can anyone ID the lower font on here? (The one that says Home Accents - Gifts...), I've gone through several of my cursive-looking fonts and keep coming up dry. Thanks a lot!


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Monotype Script, with some distortion and scaling.

Edit: Sorry, wrong ID. I thought you meant the bold script at the top, and then I re-read it after posting.

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I have it as helmsley here.
Googling gave http://user.tninet.se/~aar876d/font.htm
But I cant read that language:)
Plus I assume it's a "copy";)
But who knows.

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Here's the other one (or at least a version of it):

Freehand 591.

Edit: Or Bingham Script.

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Talk of a poor fate for the original name the designer gave to it;)(whatever that name was)

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