1920-40s typefaces

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can anyone recommend any type designers/foundrys that reproduce or design new display faces based on 1920-40s typography?


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Try here: http://www.p22.com/products/
Check the Alberts, Bauhaus, Bagaglio, Constructivist, Czech Modernist, De Stijl, Dada, and Italian Futurism sets.

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Nick's fonts

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Mark Simonson's Mostra face is based on Italian propaganda posters from the art deco period.

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great, thanks.

one more thing, does anyone know of any typographers/foundrys who were based in sussex (england) during the 1920s-40s?

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Do you know how to construct a Boolean search strategy? That might work well for obtaining the information you need. Google it.


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Try Googling this to start...

1920..1949 sussex england type typography | typeface | foundry


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The most prolific 1920–40's typefoundry was the American Type Founders Co. Because of the onset of text machine setting the foundry concentrated on display typefaces to fend off several bouts with bankruptcy. Type such as Parisian, Broadway, Bernhard Gothic, etc.

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